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Paint: More than Just Color

Want your walls to look good? Better get the right paint.

Life is exciting. There’s something new around every corner. Shouldn’t your home be the same?

If your house has kept the same tired look for a decade, it’s time for a change. It’s time to grab the brushes and put on a new coat of paint. But don’t just go buy any paint. Know what you need before you get to the store. That way, you get the paint you want with the look you desire.

Inside or Outside?

While some think paint is paint, it’s not. If you’re painting outside, an indoor paint won’t cut it. That’s because most indoor paints aren’t built to be weather resistant. Exterior paint, on the other hand, is.

Because it can stand up to weather, exterior paint costs more. So unless you just like spending extra money, be sure to use interior paint inside. Oh, and those additives that make exterior paint survive the weather? They release chemicals that are harmful to breathe indoors.

So use exterior paint where it belongs—on stucco, wood siding, brick, and fiber cement.

Flat, Gloss, or Something Between?

When you get to the paint store, you have options. Some options you didn’t know existed. Do you want flat paint, gloss, eggshell, or satin?

That depends on what you want your room to look like.

Want a nice shine on your walls? Use a gloss or semi-gloss. Want something with a hint of shine that isn’t overkill? It’s eggshell for you. Want your walls to have a matte finish? Grab a can of flat paint.

While you can use gloss or semi-gloss anywhere, it’s normally reserved for trim. By using gloss on these parts, it gives your room some added depth. Eggshell and other less flashy paints are typically reserved for the walls. Otherwise, you could wind up with a painfully shiny room.

Shady Business

Eventually, you’ll buy paint. Then you’ll do a whole room, only to realize it doesn’t look right. The shade is darker than it was at the store. Or maybe it’s lighter.

This is normal. Paint colors, just like your eyes, look different based on the environment. When near dark furniture, the paint will look lighter. In a room with lots of light-colored furnishings, the paint will look darker.

Take this into consideration when buying your paint. Ask for your paint to be mixed a shade lighter or darker based on your room conditions. That way, your chosen color will hit the mark. Or at least get close.

Custom Colors

Don’t see the exact color you want? You don’t have to buy a color off the shelf. At most paint stores, you can ask for custom colors. Bring in a sample of the color you want. Inside the paint store, a color analysis tool determines the exact shade you want.

This information then helps the paint pro mix your perfect shade.

If you like how it turns out, buy more than you need. It’s hard to mix a custom color perfectly more than one time. By ordering extra, you’ll have plenty on hand if you want to touch up a room or paint more than one room in your new favorite color.

Look Up!

When painting, ceilings often get neglected. Don’t ignore yours! Give it a fresh coat to bring your room to life.

Most ceilings are white. That helps the room feel larger.

However, you don’t have to stick with plain old white. You can have your ceiling paint any color you want. Just make sure you use ceiling paint and not wall paint. Otherwise, expect your ceilings to house mildew and stains.

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